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XML Conversion

In today’s technologically advanced world, XML Conversion is one of the significant outsourcing requirements. The process of XML is nothing but a cross-platform of web publishing formats which are essential for the collection of information from the internet. XML Conversion is highly preferable nowadays because of its excellent features like its flexibility, versatility, scalability and other features. Nearly all the business houses are using XML nowadays to store their data in business. The most demanding task in recent times is to transform the web publishing formats into XML.

Data Conversion India is one of the leading firms, where you can outsource XML conversions at affordable rates and in the quickest turnaround time. We, at Data Conversion India use the double keying methodology, popularly called OCR with character-to character checking. Our experienced workforce is able to handle voluminous conversion work like catalogs, CSV conversion, microfiche to XLS, etc. with a fast turnaround time.

Why we are different from the other data conversion companies

At Data Conversion India, we dedicate a team of experienced professionals to do your work of XML conversion According to your requirement, we provide you with customized solutions. Since we use the latest technology, it is very natural that we provide you with quality service.

However, the biggest advantage of outsourcing XML Conversion from Data conversion India is that we provide you with the best competitive rates in the industry. Moreover, we are able to provide you with 24/7 service. We follow the deadlines given by you strictly, and provide you this service with a fast turnaround time. Hiring us for outsourcing your data means you can relax after providing us the data. Maintaining the secrecy and privacy of our clients is our top priority. We support various data transfer methods according to our customer’s convenience. We have a quality control team, which keeps a strict eye on every aspect of the XML conversion procedure.

Check out our range of services

We offer a range of XML Conversion services as given below:

  • Paper / Book to XLM or to CSV conversion
  • PDF to XLM or to CSV conversion
  • Doc to XLM or to CSV conversion
  • Microfilm to XLM or to CSV conversion
  • Microfiche to XLM or to CSV conversion
  • Image to XLM or to CSV conversion

The Way of Work We Follow Makes Us Different

Check out the procedure we follow for any project. This will make you understand that how we are different from others.

Step 1.We analyze your XML requirement, and then provide the best quality and customized cycle as per your requirement.

Step 2. We request you to send the details of your XML conversion requirements. You can send us a sample along with your data.

Step 4. After the above-mentioned step, we tell you about the estimated rate for the project.

Step 3. Once the rate is agreed upon, we provide you a free-of-cost test run of the sample data, so we can get your feedback.

Step 5. According to your approval of the free test run and rate, we sign a service level agreement after your approval.

Step 6. In due course, a team is prepared for the project, and proper training is provided to them so that they can handle the job skillfully.

Step 7. Now we begin the project work. We take special care to retain good quality and standards. After its completion, an audit is conducted. We keep our customers periodically updated regarding the progress of the project.

Step 8. After the completion of the project and evaluating its quality, we dispatch the final report to our client, and request for some feedback.

Step 9. We invoice the client only after getting satisfactory feedback.

Feel free to contact us, in case if you have some further queries. Our dedicated team will help you at all your needs.