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OCR Data Conversion

In recent times, OCR is considered one of the modern technologies involved in the data conversion process. OCR allows you to convert your scanned paper documents, books and PDF files into a searchable and editable text format. Nowadays, it is one of the technologies widely used in the outsourcing industry. The OCR Conversion service provided by Data Conversion India includes data conversion, data processing, data capture, data entry and much more.

Data Conversion India specializes in handling OCR projects in great volume. With a team of experienced professionals, we handle the complex and huge work at an ease. Here, we can provide you with advanced and superior methods of effective OCR conversion services like document OCR PDF scanning, OCR data scanning service, OCR scanning services, OCR scanning service, and data OCR services.

PDF OCR services

Data Conversion India provides you with all kinds of PDF OCR services with highest accuracy. Although software available in the market can convert PDF files into searchable data, they cannot give you error free service, which we can, with complete accuracy. We use state-of-the-art technology to provide you with service of excellent quality, without losing any data. We have the capability to convert image PDF into text PDF files while retaining your original format, which may include equations, tables, graphs etc. We offer a comprehensive range of document OCR PDF scanning.

Zone OCR or Zonal OCR Service

Zone OCR or Zonal OCR Service is one of our specialized areas, which is used widely to index documents. With the help of this technology, data is captured automatically, and is transferred into the database. Using various patterns like the exact place, numbers and letters with definite formatting, telephone number etc we help you in indexing your documents digitally. This is extensively utilized in cases of invoice OCR.
With extensive proficiency in this field, we can give you the best quality service at an affordable cost, and that too, within strict deadlines.

Document OCR or Image OCR / Tiff OCR Service

At Data Conversion India, we provide you the best and most competitive price in the industry for services like Document OCR, or image OCR Services. Our scientific tools ably handle various kinds of images like JPG, Tiff and many others formats, and strive to provide you quality work even if the quality of the image you provide us is below par. Moreover, when you outsource your OCR Conversion requirements from us, you do not need to worry about the retention of your original format.

Forms OCR Service

Data Conversion India is a reliable name in this field. To maintain the information or data for a longer period, the printed form needs to be converted to OCR, without cramping the quality and accuracy of the forms. All kinds of handwritten forms can be altered through OCR conversion. This service is particularly helpful in medical fields.

Newspaper OCR Service

Newspaper OCR Service is what makes us different from the others. This is an additional feature of the kind of OCR service we provide. We guarantee customer satisfaction, and use advanced customized software to execute this service, so that we can provide the best service with the highest accuracy.

Book OCR Service

Book OCR service is another field where we specialize. Providing scientific methods and updated technology, we are able to convert a number of books at a single time. Our team of trained professionals does the entire job of formatting after the OCR of books is completed. During this formatting, we take special care to retain the original format and preserve all the headings, charts, header and footer, tables and equations in the same manner as the original.

In this way, we provide an array of OCR conversion services at Data Conversion India. Hire us to get the quality service at affordable rates within the fast turnaround time. Feel free to contact us for any furthers queries.