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Microfilm Conversion Services

Are you looking towards outsourcing your microfilm conversion requirements to any reliable firm? Stop looking right now because you have come to the right place now. Utilizing the state-of-the-art technology and a highly experienced workforce, we are dedicated in providing you with quality service. Since customer satisfaction is our priority, we always try to provide you high quality customized solutions.

We provide you an array of quality services, which includes converting Microfilm to CD, document microfilm scanning, Microfilm capture, Microfilm scanning service, Microfilm bureau, etc.

How do we provide you these quality services?

At Data Conversion India, we provide you technology aided quality services. Utilizing improved and advanced film scanning equipment, we scan your microfilm records (16MM / 35MM) to digital formats, thereby making it compatible for storing on your PC or in any kind of document imaging system.

Our team of expert professionals are able to convert the scanned microfilm images into any format you require. Normally, we convert the microfilm records into PDF or TIFF Group IV format, and then store them in a CD/DVD in the structure of maintaining a directory folder.

Kinds of microfilm conversion:

At Data Conversion India, we strive to provide you quality service at affordable costs and with a fast turn-around time. Check out the microfilm conversion we do.

Record Level Indexing
During Record Level Indexing, first of all, we scan the rolls of microfilm and review each image separately. After reviewing, we break those microfilm images into several documents. After breaking those images into several documents, we store this in a CD/ DVD format. In this format, the converted microfilm rolls are stored in the form of folders, and you can retrieve them whenever necessary.

Roll Level Indexing
After scanning each microfilm roll, we place the microfilm images of the scanned roll into a folder or multi-page image in PDF or TIFF format.
Thus, we maintain the indexing of the scanned rolls. This kind of roll indexing is truly useful since it allows you to use the microfilm images of your PC. Due to the proper indexing of microfilm images, it can be easily accessed, and you do not need the microfilm reader to read it. Indexing the microfilm roll is a cost effective way to get your images converted. At Data Conversion India, we provide indexing services at affordable prices.

What kind of microfilm conversion services we do:

  • 16MM/35MM Microfilm
  • Blipped or Un-Blipped film
  • Various lengths: 100' and 215' are most common

Why microfilm to digital conversion is necessary

The developing trend of having technology-based businesses has made this microfilm conversion service very popular. Microfilm to digital conversion is the only way to keep your information safe and secure.

  • Ease of access – Accessing and using microfilm records is a troublesome job. This is because microfilm rolls need to be pulled and loaded into the microfilm reader. Unless, you load it in the microfilm reader, you will not be able to locate the appropriate image. Microfilm conversion in CD/DVD will enable you to locate and retrieve images or records easily, and that also, in a small span of time and at much affordable costs.

  • Microfilm deterioration -In recent days, microfilm leans on losing its popularity. Tech-savvy people are not ready to use this time consuming microfilm for viewing images. Moreover, microfilm is prone to getting damaged if it is not stored properly. As a result, there is a sharp chance of data loss. However, there is hardly a chance of data loss, if microfilm is converted into digital format.

  • Lack of hardware support - Since there is microfilm creation, nowadays, companies supporting the use of a microfilm reader are declining at a rapid pace.

Choose us for getting the affordable microfilm conversion services you can have. Our client is our priority, and we try our best to provide you with quality service, with a fast turna-round time. Feel free to contact us for any further queries.