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Microfiche Conversion Services

Today, the changing economic trends demand the usage of new and advanced technology in business procedures. One of these strategic methods is to outsource all sorts of non-core business work. This helps in the growth and development of the business within a very small time. Moreover, work done from specialized experts helps the companies in getting quality service within a fast turn-around time. As a result, the businesses can achieve steady success and quick accomplishment.

Data Conversion India is a leading organization in the field of microfiche conversion services. We strive to provide quality services to our clients worldwide. The best part about us is that we provide you the service at the best possible rates, which is comparatively, lower than all the other firms. The best part, which makes us stand apart from the lot, is our capability to provide you with quality service within the strict deadlines you provide us. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to provide you with excellent service and aid you as your personal consultants.

Why should you choose us for your microfiche conversion services?

Data Conversion India specializes in providing their clients with customized solutions with higher accuracy. As a result, we are able to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. When we offer you microfiche conversion into digital format, first we scan and convert this information into a CD/DVD. Also, we maintain a large archive of microfiche that is required for retrieving microfiche information in the future. In this way, we aim to provide you tailor-made solutions for all your needs. Providing quality microfiche conversion services and microfiche scanning service is our priority.

Apart from the microfiche scanning service, we are also proficient in converting microfiche to PDF, microfiche to word, excel and CSV formats as well. With the help of an innovative technology called OCR, we provide you high quality services. Optical Character Recognition is also used in the fields of pharmaceuticals, research and publishing.

Check out the list of the formats we handle:

  • Microfiche (16mm and 35mm)
  • COM Microfiche (computer out-put to microfiche)
  • COMBI Microfiche (combination of A4 and plans)

We provide you the following benefits:

Outsourcing your service to us will endow with the following benefits.

  • Advice from skilled project managers: If you outsource your microfiche conversion services from Data Conversion India, you can consult and take advice from our team of skilled and experienced project managers. With thorough and open communication, we help you to understand your business. Moreover, you can openly discuss your microfiche outsourcing needs with us, thereby making it easier to get better services.
  • Purchase talent with technology: One of the advantages in working with us is that you will get quality service with a fast turn-around time. Moreover, when you outsource your microfiche conversion needs to Data Conversion India, you will service from the latest and the most improved technology. The usage of superior technology helps us to get you better quality services.
  • Receiving superior results: By outsourcing microfiche scanning services to Data Conversion India, you can get your services from a team of experienced and qualified professionals. After the completion of the project, we carry out a Quality Control (QC) process to makes sure that the project is s error free.

In this manner, we try to provide you with quality microfiche conversion services which are sure to match your expectations.

Leverage Quality Solutions from Data Conversion India

Data Conversion India is dedicated to providing you with quality service. Understanding your requirements from the very beginning, we try to provide you the best possible solutions. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we emphasize in providing you quality service by putting your needs first. This is what sets us apart.

If you are looking for any organization for getting your microfiche conversion work, give us a try at Data Conversion India. Rely on our words and you will not regret it. Feel free to contact us whenever you need us.