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E-Book Conversion

The extensive use of advanced technology has made the usage of digital formats the most acceptable format in all kinds of businesses. Since this digital information is easy to handle and manage, everyone is leaning more and more towards the digitization of this information. Moreover, digitized information requires smaller storage space, which provides an increasing protection during any disaster and the concurrent usage as well. For all these jobs, book conversion services are the only way out.

You can outsource all your book conversion needs from us. Data Conversion India is a leading firm in the field of E-book conversion. Offering excellent service to colleges, universities and book publishers, we are able to handle all types of hard and soft copy documents to convert into electronic formats.

Nowadays, e-book conversion services are considered a widely demanding outsourcing service. Nonfiction or fiction, transformed into a digital format, is known as an e-book. E-books are read on the desktop, or any other compatible handheld device.

What are the advantages of using e-books?

E-books nowadays are widely used for they are easy to handle and store. However, there is something more for which everyone tends to get their information stored in the form of an e-book. Check out the following advantages to know why e-book creation is important.

  • Book marking, switching from one book to another, changing the font size according to the requirements, finding phrases and text words are some of the important facts, for which e-books are popular.
  • One can have many books of different kinds of information in a small space if it is stored in the format of e-books.
  • For authors and writers an e-book is really advantageous. This is because, with e-books around them, they do not need to go to the publishing houses to get their books printed. Publishing their work as an e-book and promoting it through the internet can be the best option and a cost-effective one as well.
  • It is easy to produce and is available at cheaper rates.
  • Authors can enjoy more profits, as this is not as costly as a printed book.
  • A single click is all what you need to retrieve information from various documents when you have book conversion around. It will reduce your human resource cost considerably.
  • This takes much less space in terms of storage and retrieval costs.

Why should you outsource your e-book conversion service from Data conversion India?

The well experienced and qualified team at data conversion India is extremely proficient in providing you with an array of e-book conversion services for electronic and printed formats. We provide you the perfect combination of experienced workforce with sophisticated book conversion methods. The team which work on these e-book conversions are trained in all kinds of e-book conversion services, which includes e-book creation, PDF to e-book conversion, html to e-book, text to e-book conversion, txt to e-book conversion, and .doc to e-book conversion.

The proficient team members, first of all, analyze your business process, specifications and requirements. Then, we provide you with the best formatting parameters accordingly, which includes margins page numbers, indentations, paragraphs, headings, citation, quotes, footnotes/ endnotes. Moreover, we also help you in providing an analytical sample. After viewing the sample copy, you can send us the approval. Once we receive your approval, then we start the conversion assignment.

Some of the exclusive features of book conversion offered by Data Conversion India:

Mixed page content analysis: After executing a methodical search and then distinguishing the content and graphic parts, we at Data Conversion India perform the task of e-book conversion, which enable us to provide you better printing results.

Advanced image processing techniques: Our use of advanced technology helps us maintain a quality standard for our services. The practical uses of advanced software includes de-screening, moiré removal, adaptive thresholding with background utilization, and superior quality interpolated rotation.

This is not all. We at Data Conversion India provide you with a highly customized service as per your needs. We also provide easier methods of data upload and download. All such methods are listed here:

  • E-mail
  • FTP upload and download
  • CD/DVD

Advantages of outsourcing e-book conversion services to Data Conversion India

Check out the following advantages, which can draw you to outsource e-book conversion services from Data Conversion India.

  • Customized book conversion services to meet your requirements
  • Cooperative customer support to assist you round-the-clock
  • Petite delivery timeframes
  • State-of-the-art book conversion service methodology
  • Extremely flexible pricing packages which can be customized as per the volume and complexity of the project

If you have any further queries please feel free to contact us. We are at your service 24/7.