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Data Processing Services

Data processing is a process of digitization and extraction of some important data collected from a vast online source. The process involves the transformation of raw data into some useful material that can be utilized for any useful purpose in future. This online procedure of processing data can be available at an affordable cost and within a fast turnaround time. Data processing nowadays has come up as an important outsourcing service. It is the most demanding aspect of any BPO (or business process outsourcing) company nowadays. In short, the entire BPO industry worldwide is depending on data processing services in today’s day and age.

Data Conversion India offers you an array of data processing services including check processing, data entry, claim processing, data capture, image processing, rebate processing, text processing, word processing, email processing, data conversion, web data extraction/capture, data mining, OCR/ICR etc. Being competent and proficient in handling all kinds of data processing work, today we are the pioneers in the field of data processing services. Keeping in mind your requirements and specifications, we are able enough to provide you with customized services. With the help of avant-garde technology, we can provide you quality service at the best competitive rates in the industry.

What We Provide:

The expertise of Data Conversion India revolves around all kinds of data processing services. Apart from the above mentioned services, we also provide you services pertaining to back-office and management work. This is not all. The data processing services offered by us can easily be related with computerized data entry processes. The entire procedure of data processing service is so comprehensive, that sometimes it turns out to be something similar to the data conversion service.

Our quality checking process makes us different and help us stand out from the rest

The team of dedicated and qualified professionals at Data Conversion India is there to provide you the best data processing service at an affordable price. Our valued customer is our pride and we give our heart and soul to provide them with the best possible services. Finally, we execute a strict quality check to ensure the highest standard in the following ways.

  • The data processing service we provide includes an implementation of a batch program of word documents into word processing activities. We involve a rigorous process to make sure that quality does meet the highest standards with the highest accuracy.
  • After the quality checking of the finished project is over, we employ an auditor in order to create smart queries. The purpose of this auditing is to examine whether there is any error in the project. If any error is detected we try to resolve it as soon as possible.
  • After the audit process is complete, the auditor makes a through report, which is known as an audit report. This audit report is presented to the supervisor for further review.
  • Finally, after a number of reviews and cross-checking the output, the work is dispatched to the client in the required format.

How our process of data processing flows

First of all, you need to specify the data processing requirements you need to outsource from us. After reviewing these requirements carefully, our experienced team will provide you the quality parameters. After checking these quality parameters, you will be able to understand the scope of our data processing services. In the next step, we will offer you a free test run from which you can make establish the quality of the work we do. Moreover, we also offer you our best rates during this time. After receiving your approval, we start work on the project.

For further query, feel free to contact us. We are here at your service all the time.