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Data Conversion Services

Data conversion outsourcing in India implies transferring the responsibilities of your entire business data conversion and its management to a data conversion outsourcing company in India. In this service, the buyer and service providers are engaged through a contractual agreement. In the said agreement, the outsourcing needs of the buyer are enlisted in detail.

A buyer of data conversion also outsources jobs like data processing services, data cleansing, data mining services etc. We convert your data into a variety of documents including HTML, XML, SGML, To TEXT, To TXT, To Word, To Doc, To Rtf, To XLS, and To CSV. Apart from this, our data conversion services, also include indexing, image scanning, ICR, OCR, eBook Creation, Photo Editing, Form Processing, human resource allocation, software development etc.

Data Conversion service is our principal area of expertise. We have a team of experienced professionals who diligently work all through in order to deliver you the project within the fastest turnaround time possible. Data Conversion India has the capability of converting data from any source like printed hard copies, images or PDF files, etc.

Why Should You Choose Data Conversion India For Data Conversion Services?

The reason, which makes us stand apart from the rest of the pack, is ourdedication and diligence. Data conversion services of Data Conversion India can help you to achieve the following benefits:

  • Structured and composed information
  • Secured data because we always take special care to protect your data from being lost, stolen or leaked out in any way.
  • We help you by simplifying complex and enormous data into crispy and intelligent information.
  • Our data conversion services help you in improving the usability and accessibility of your data.
  •  Moreover, we help in removing the redundant data in your database, thereby providing you with clean and highly useful data.
  • Our data conversion services also enable you to preserve and store data for future use.

What data conversion formats can Data Conversion India Handle?

The team of experienced staff at Data conversion India has enormous knowledge about the many source and destination formats, which enables them to handle the data conversion skillfully. We have years of experience in handling a wide variety of file formats. Below is an overview of our data conversion work.

  • Quark, Interleaf, FrameMaker and PageMaker into XML, SGML, HTML and OeB
  • OCR Clean up, ICR and OMR
  • Media format conversion including FTP, CDs and DVDs
  • Hard copy, microfilm scanning and conversion into digitized formats
  • Books to HTML, XML, XHTML, searchable pdfs and MS Word
  • Data capture, indexing and archiving
  • Data vectorization
  • eBook format conversion
  • Microfiche
  • Digital imaging - Image editing, cropping and enhancement, by using Photoshop and CS software
  • Image conversion to xhtml and tiff to pdf
  • PDF, Word and Excel conversions
  • XML conversion

This is not all. Our experienced staff is scrupulous about the careful handling of the project, and hence you do not need to worry about the privacy and secrecy of your data.

Leverage Data Conversion India’s Advantage

We are one of the reliable and trusted organizations of data conversion outsourcing in India. Data conversion outsourcing from us will help you to acquire the following:

  • You can get data converted at highest accuracy levels as high as 99%
  • You can hire skill and expertise in maintaining a wide range of data conversion formats
  • You can get customized data conversion services as per your requirements
  • You get your project delivered within a fast turnaround time
  • You can save almost 60% on your operational cost
  • Finally, you can get a team of competent professionals to handle your data conversion project

The satisfaction of the customers is our reward. We try our best to provide them the service of superior quality at an affordable price.